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2023-24 Guild Challenge

Challenge yourself and join fellow Guild Members — participate in our 2023-24 All the Colours of the Spectrum Guild Challenge!

2023-24 guild challenge.png

Last year we went Monochromatic, making quilts of just one colour, in a range of values. They were all the same size and made a wonderful rainbow display at the front of our July Quilts on the Tay show!

This year you are challenged to make a quilt using all the colours of the visible spectrum. White light is split into its component colours by a prism or water droplets in clouds. The colours of the full spectrum are remembered by the acronym ROY G. BIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Design: You could use these colours in a simple traditional style quilt made of squares such as in the example below. Or you could use stripes, bargello, or other patterns such as “Trip Around the World”. You could also create a “modern” style quilt or a completely unique design. A quick Internet search produces many examples of spectrum or rainbow quilts. Some designs may require either a black or white background.

Fabrics: Use quilting cottons. You could use a range of values for each colour like we did in the monochromatic quilts or just use one value for each colour. You might consider using all pastel shades or all brights or all darker shades or a combination of values. Solids and prints will both work, as in the example below. Piece your quilt with as many fabrics as you like! Applique will also work on a neutral background.

Optional: Make a charm quilt. Use one shape, such as a square, and use a different fabric for each square.


Shape and Size: Square; any size from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”.


Questions? Contact Anita Payne De Gaia at or 613-267-0881.

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