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25 Years of Quilting Together

It’s been 25 years of great quilting and great company.  We hope that you all are ready for a very special anniversary challenge.

This year the challenge is to create a doorway quilt; a quilt that looks kike an inviting entrance way that reflects your personality.  We leave it open to you to choose the doorway.  Your front door, neighbours door, architectural door, door from your childhood, barn door, mouse door, etc., etc…. one that inspires you to join this challenge. To reflect the silver in “Silver Anniversary” we have included a 6×6 piece of fabric for you to use in your quilt. A few things to consider before you start:

  1. All quilts not to exceed 40 x 40 inches in size.

  2. All quilts must be made completely by participants.

  3. All quilts must contain some of the silver material provided.

  4. All quilts must be a unique design

  5. Quilts will be judged by out-of-guild judges.

  6. Quilts due for April 28th, 2015 General Meeting.

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