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It's a new year, and our LCQG Guild Guild Challenge is on! Presented by Cathy Price, our 2022-23 challenge is challenging members to create a 15" by 30" quilt using fabrics from the same colour, but with different hues and tones.

Awed by the incredible display of quilts from a similar challenge run by SAQA, called Prism Play, we will also be working with the Joen Wolfrom colour tool in representing the full spectrum of colour from warm red through orange, yellow, and green to blue, and violet. Pick anywhere from 5 fabrics and upward. Keep in mind that it still needs to read as the colour on your card. It also does not have to be plain fabrics. Batiks are tone-on-tone, lots of prints still read as one colour, even though there are other colours in it. There are lots of lights and darks on each card, so you definitely don’t want to pick a light, a medium, and a dark. It won’t read MONOCHROMATIC.

The theme and subject matter are up to you.

This exhibit is currently on display at the Peninsula Museum of Art , San Bruno, CA.

Don't forget to renew your membership—or join—so you can participate in this wonderful challenge.

Our deadline is the May, 2023 meeting, in time for us to hang a colour wall in our upcoming Quilts on the Tay. Questions? Email Cathy

Excited by this challenge? Don't miss our November meeting when Joen Wolfrom will be joining us from Washington State for a trunk show and talk about the world of colour!

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