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2020-21 Season Starts Sept 22 via ZOOM

Welcome to the year of the Lanark County Quilters Guild done in a whole new way. I am sure many of you were hoping that things would be back to normal by September. We are all missing our quilting friends in the guild, socializing, sharing ideas and quilts we have completed but it looks like we will all have to learn a new way of doing those things. 

Quilters always accept change and work with it in every new project we take on so this ZOOM way of meeting will be no different. So the Lanark Guild will join a host of other quilt guilds across the country who are continuing to meet remotely this Fall.

Let’s embrace it and have fun chatting that way.

If you have other members in your COVID-free circle that are unsure or unable to access ZOOM please think about inviting them over to share your screen on September 22 at 7pm so that they will not miss out on our first ever virtual meeting and Show and Tell. 

Don’t forgot to email Louise and let her know you’ll be attending our ZOOM meeting so you will receive an invitation.

If you haven’t used ZOOM yet, this YouTube video will help you get started: We’ll also be logging on 30 minutes early to answer any set up questions.

And please email Marlene photos of your projects you want to share during our September Show & Tell. They will be posted to the website and our Facebook page after for continued viewing.

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