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Round Robins, BOM and Show & Tell for a Quilt-Filled March Night

Anita Payne

After two months on Zoom, the Lanark County Quilt Guild finally met in person March 26 for a quilt-filled night!

Cathy had the Block of the Month quilt on a Design wall for everyone to see and ask questions.  The Round Robin was revealed as well, at the beginning of Show & Tell. WOW! Great job everyone who participated. I love seeing what can be done when your imagination is tested.

We had a wonderful Show & Tell as well. Our Vice President, Jane, spoke about Fund Raising efforts within the Guild. We are going to have calendars and note cards for sale, with pictures of quilts from members. How cool is that? I guess we all better get sewing to get some donations ready.

We will have a table on July 13th and October 5th at the Farmers market in the Chrystal palace in downtown Perth. Our Shop of the Month was Fabric Maverick from Carp. You never have enough fabric, I got mine.

Our Trunk Show with Paul Leger was awesome. Wonderful stories of his journey to go along with his quilts. Everyone had a great time. Cathy

Show & Tell

Cathy Price - Block of the Month

Marlene Spruyt

Kim Sherry

Tracy Durant

Carol Darou

Norma Willow

Anna Cornel

Kathy Smallwood

Jackie Rosa

Mary Cunningham

Evelyn Michaud

Val Langille

And a showcase of our Round Robin pieces!

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