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2023-24 Early Bird Renewal Special

Don't miss out on this great offer!

Renew your membership no later than Saturday, Sept 16 to receive free access to the "All-Star Sampler Platter" offered by Global Quilt Connection. It includes 18 demonstrations, a total of six hours of online demos from amazing quilt teachers across North America.

Dues remain at just $30 and give you wonderful speakers, workshops, a Block of the Month program, challenges, Shop of the Month and more.

To renew, please complete the renewal form here: This makes life much easier for our Membership Coordinator.

Payment can then be made via e-transfer to, or credit card here:

This offer is also available to new members. Dues are $40, which includes a membership pin.

A link to the Quilt Connection Sampler Platter on September 23 and 24 will be emailed to those who renew/pay their dues by the deadline. Don't miss out on all the fun.

CQG Quilt All Star Sampler
Download PDF • 1.34MB

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