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30th Anniversary January News

Celebrating with a Quilting Activity

A message from Jane Burke

LCQG 30th Anniversary Quilt Challenge – Deadline April 27, 2021

Happy New Year to everyone. We hope your holiday was happy and safe.

Although it feels like everything we do lately is a challenge, we have a fun and creative option!

Join your fellow members in the “30 Something” quilt challenge. Create a quilt or quilted item using your interpretation of the number “30”.

If you need another copy of the Challenge Rules, you can download from the link below or send an email to Jane Burke (her email address can be found in the Guild directory) and she’ll be happy to send it out to you.

Also, we ask those who are participating in the challenge to register for this event.

In the absence of a “sign-up” sheet, please email your name or group to Jane Burke with “30th Quilt challenge” in the subject line.

Knowing the number of entries will enable the committee to plan for the unveiling later this year.

Good luck and happy stitching….Jane

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