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A Celebration of Colour Workshop with Joen Wolfrom

If you are apprehensive about selecting colors and fabrics for your quilt projects and you only have one day to learn color basics, then this workshop is for you.

Join Washington State quilter Joen Wolfrom and learn what companion colors work best with your favorite color, how you can create your own dynamically-colored quilts, and how you can use your favorite colors to their fullest potential. You will also learn how easy it is to work intuitively with color through visual coloring. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about color in one day.

Registration is now open for the January 18, 2023 ZOOM workshop. The cost is $84 for members, and $94 for non-members. You can register online and choose your payment option as well. Confirmation of your place in the class will be confirmed once payment is received. (11 spots left as of Oct 31.)

Joan is also the guest speaker at our November 21 general meeting, where she'll offer a

wonderful trunk show and talk called IT'S COLOR THAT MAKES THE QUILTS GO----WOW!

Take a journey into the world of colour, finding clues to basic colour ideas and such wonderful illusions as luminosity, luster, depth, shadow, and highlights. Enjoy a slideshow parade of eye-catching, show-stopping quilts that go WOW with colour as you learn more about the magic of colour. (This presentation will help you understand colour, while also seeing several intriguing ways colour can enhance a design.)

This ZOOM talk, starting at 7 p.m., is free for members. Non-members are welcome, for a small fee of $5. To pay the fee and be added to the list to receive a Zoom invitation, please pay here.

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