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Good ZOOM Practices for LCQG meetings

With this new era of video conferencing, it’s no surprise that there are new guidelines to following as we transition from in person get togethers to virtual online meetings. 

So, with the desire to keep everyone connected in the most positive way, we have put together tips and best practices for our ZOOM meetings, sew days and workshops.

At meetings,

  1. please mute your microphone when you’re not actively speaking. Background noise, such as talking of partners and children, dogs barking, cooking and TV, is distracting to the group and interferes with our speakers

  2. if you have questions or comments during a presentation, please use the “Chat” feature that the moderator will read at an appropriate break 

  3. if the meeting is opened for comments, please be short and succinct, and then mute your mi-crophone for responses 

  4. we love to see you and encourage everyone to ZOOM with their video on, but remind you to be aware of your surroundings and behavior. Remember, we can see you— and this includes others in your household (Please turn video off when eating or talking to someone at home).

During workshops or sew days

  1. remember to mute your microphone when you are sewing as our machines can be quite loud 

  2. we want participants to talk to each other; however the ZOOM platform is different than in-person. Keep conversations to topics that will involve the entire group. Should you find yourself in a more private discussion, either use the private chat feature or exchange phone numbers 

  3. no politics, no religion, no personal/side bar conversations 

  4. please turn video off when eating or talking to someone at home. 

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