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BOM Garden Blocks Continue to "Grow"

Year 2 of Cathy Price's Block of the Month program continues with its highly successful patterns.

Launched in 2021-22, her 16-block quilt is based on the theme "How Does Your Garden Grow". Last year, we had blocks of tulips, a bird house, flowers, flying geese and vases.

And this year with eight new blocks to complete, the journey continues.

The September block, Block 9, is perfect for fall, "PUMPKIN WAGON". It's a 10" x 10" square that is pieced, but with two spots of partial piecing for a bit of a challenge.

October's Block 10 is just "A LITTLE BIT WILD." Every garden has that one section that can't be tamed, whether it's long grasses, weeds, or just wildflowers, the birds are always interested in the activity within. In one sample, Cathy fussy cut the flowers, but has also included their shapes in the pattern if you don't have floral fabric. Or maybe you have fabric with small flowers. Or may-

be you just want to do grasses. Check out the two samples below.

Our Block of the Month program is free for members, and you can find the patterns in the Members Only section of the website here. (Remember to log in to obtain access.) Cathy also sends the PDF files by email to all members who have registered. Add yourself to the list by emailing Cathy.

Not a member? It's never too late to join us.

Join Cathy and have some quilting fun.


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