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Community Outreach Quilt Donated to Lanark Charity

Quilting for Community Continues Despite COVID

The successful applicant for our 2021-2022 Community Outreach Quilt is Plan B, "a Lanark Highlands-based volunteer group advocating for health equity and social justice through strong community ties. Always working towards an even more supportive and inclusive community."

Plan B has innovative and impressive programs which address several social and practical issues.

Some of their programs include: providing low-cost fruit and vegetables in the Lanark Highlands, organizing community dinners, exploring food preservation (canning, bottling), distributing donated fruits and vegetables in season, and maintaining a one-acre community garden. Plan B also addresses women's issues, hosts Ted Talks events, and promotes " healthy families by linking with support agencies in the county and offering resources to parents and children in ways that are meaningful to them." They also have a newsletter and blog site.

Please visit the Plan B website at . I'm sure you will agree that they are very deserving of our Community Outreach Quilt and we are very pleased to support them.

Marilyn, Judy, Mary, and Moira

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