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June Show & Tell

It was our final Show & Tell of the 2020-21 Guild year. There are amazing entries and winning quilts from the CQA show, many rose to the UFO challenge and completed workshop quilts, quilts for family and charity quilts.

Hope Bell: Finally finished the dragonfly from the Edith Choinière (Ottawa Quilt Guild) workshop in January, 2021.

Hope Bell: Close up of dragonfly

Glenna Churchill: “Blowing in the Wind” Designed by Chris Malone Made by Glenna Churchill Quilted by: Sandra and Glenna

Shelley Moore: I made this one for my daughters fortieth birthday, it was her choice of pattern and fabric . Janice Trudel quilted it beautifully, I love cross hatching , and it was backed with minky

Shelley Moore: Back of Quilt, Minky, Quilted by Janice Trudel

Shelley Moore: This one was shown but before it was quilted and I am so happy with it finished I wanted to show it as a finished project. I made this for a friends baby although it will fit a big boy bed. I made this pattern up as I went along and Janice quilted it for me. I asked for it to be lightly quilted and I LOVE what she did, backed with minky and polydown batting, it feels wonderful!

Donna Farrow: Block of the Month

Cathy Price: Sue Sherman Hawaiian applique workshop before quilting.

Cathy Price: This one with the 4 blocks was entered into Quilt Canada for the challenge THE TIES THAT BIND, titled Fans of Mine. I asked Carol, my mom, and 2 friends, Lana, and Randi, to each pick the colour layout of one block. They only got to see what the others chose, after they did.

Cathy Price: TrendTex Challenge entry at Quilt Canada

Lois Carswell: Quilt I made as a wedding gift for our granddaughter. I used a pattern and method from Eleanor Burns. Carol Darou did a wonderful job of quilting it. Regards,

Peggy Cowle: Here are 6 block of the month squares, in 2 photos. I started working on these, in April, after struggling with the tension of with my sewing machine.

Peggy Cowle: Three more block of the month samples.

Mary Cunningham: Ellie’s Quilt – a quilt for my grand niece who turns one at the end of this month. the second photo shows the pink flannel backing.

Mary Cunningham: Back of Ellie’s Quilt

Mary Cunningham: Contribution to the Guild’s banner.

Mary Cunningham: Teeny Tiny Mermaid – collage workshop through Taylor’s sewing. Laura Heine pattern.

Norma Willows: The fabric was bought in Dubai by my son, who then sent it to me and asked for a king size quilt. Took me awhile to decide on pattern. It was quilted by Happy Wife Quilting

Louise Clark: I was gifted a book Quilts of Iceland. This pattern represents the fractured look of glacial ice. I love the geometry of it and Carol Darou’s magical quilting brought a sense of calm to the chaos of the pattern. It is now on the way to England to a friend we travelled to Iceland with. I miss it already.”

Louise Clark: Back of Quilt

Anna Cornel: In the past 18 months one of my granddaughters has developed an “ intensional & sustainability” blog she named Sweet Sustainability blogging about twice a month on ways of living as lightly as possible (reduce, reuse, recycle) To my amazement she now has over 2,000 followers ( in my day that meant something entirely different !). She graduates from Western University this month so this blown up logo is part of her graduation present.

Marilyn Lockyer: All Barn Blocks

Marilyn Lockyer: UFO from Paul Leger Workshop in 2017

Marilyn Lockyer: Quilts of Valour

Marilyn Lockyer: Quilts of Valour

Carol Darou: Friendship Refreshes the Soul, won 3rd place in the TrendTex challenge at the CQA show

Norma Willows: Patch of Summer Table Topper

Norma Willows; Patch of Winter Table Topper

Norma Willows: Patch of Spring Table Topper

Norma Willows: Patch of Fall

Sue Cherry: Quillows I recently made for my grandchildren, Owen 12, Evelyn 9. They have a new trailer with bunk beds, so the quilt parts are for those, and the quillow format for in the car, going to the camp site. I used parts of a lovely panel for the pillow flaps. The quilts were quilted by Karen MacPherson

Sue Cherry: Quillow Flap

Sue Cherry: Quillow

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