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Library Rules

Come see us at every guild meeting!

  1. Only Members of the LCQG may borrow books, videos, magazines, and quilting rulers and tools. There is no limit on the number of items a Member may borrow.

  2. We have books on all aspects of quilting – – traditional and modern.

  3. Items may be borrowed for one month and are expected to be returned at the next Guild meeting.

  4. All items may be renewed for a second month, if not already reserved by another member.

  5. If a Member cannot attend a meeting, she/he is asked to return the item(s) through another Guild member/friend.

  6. The Library is available 30 mins before each meeting and during the meeting break.

  7. All Guild books are electronically listed on the website “Librarything” under the LCQG. Members can search by topic, name of book, or author.

  8. All suggestions from members on purchasing new boos or tools are welcome!

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