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Green Wins the Day in Monochromatic Challenge

Lanark County Quilters Guild members rose to the Monochromatic Challenge, with 24 entries presented to members at our May meeting.

And the entry by Jane Burke won Viewers Choice!

Presented by Cathy Price, our 2022-23 challenge waschallenging members to create a 15" by 30" quilt using fabrics from the same colour, but with different hues and tones. Awed by the incredible display of quilts from a similar challenge run by SAQA, called Prism Play, members worked with five colours from the colour tool by Joen Wolfrom, representing the full spectrum of colour from warm red through orange, yellow, and green to blue, and violet.

And here are the rest of the 23 entries, in spectrum order.

Jan Ward-Shipton

Anita Payne

Pam Redford

Alexis Mongeau

Evelyn Michaud

Hope Bell

Glenna Churchill

Beth Cozens

Linda Hamon

Carol Darou

Kathy Smallwood

Loree Tannett

Linda Vanat

Sheila Gibson

Josee Speller

Diane Gallagher

Jessica Alguire

Alex Mongeau

Mary Cunningham

Cathy Price

Lana Powell

Jessica Rosa

Sandra Blair

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