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Monthly Meeting April 22, 2024

Marlene Spruyt

WOW!  What an exciting night!  

There were all kinds of things to do and see.

Our Shop of the Month, Taylor Sewing Quilt Shop was there. The owner, Paige Dickey, had lots of cool things to buy and even offered two door prizes.

Sign-up lists are everywhere. Sign up to create a basket that will be sold at our Fundraising Events, to be held as part of the Farmers Market, at the Chrystal Palace, on July 13th, and October 5th, 2024.

We also had sign-up sheets for those chosen to have photos of their quilts taken for the 2025 Calendar and note cards.  And more sign-up sheets for Workshops.  

Lots of beautiful quilts in our Show and Tell tonight, including 3 completed Block of the Month quilts, the reveal of the Temperature Quilts, and cool row quilt Round Robins.

We had a very informative Program by Celine Allaert of Blue Calla Creations, who spoke about the different products used in her designs.  

We had 3 people step up to run a Fall Guild Retreat. I'm sure it will be fun to be at.

Can't wait until next month. Cathy  


Show & Tell Temperature Quilts

Lana Powell

Bev Cooper

Carol Darou

Louise Clark

Cathy Price

Janice Ward-Shipton

Christine Piche

Ruth Wilson


Heartfelt BOM complete

Agnes McVeety

Heather Buchan

Josee Speller


Round Robin Quilts

Ruth Wilson

Shelly Moore

Leona Blair

Bev Murdoch

Stephanie Everette

Vicky Hough

Christine Piche


Marlene Spruyt

Madeline Hollinsworth

Agnes McVeety

Janice Ward-Shipton

Pam Radford

Evelyn Michaud

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May 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome display of quilts!!! Great work and artistry. Loved the border on Pam’s quilt.

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