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So Much To See at the November Meeting

What a great night! It was our last in-person meeting until March, our January and February meetings will be on Zoom. We heard from the ladies who took Jane's wool appliqué workshop during the day that it was a rounding success. Moira in the Library had her tables set up differently. I went over to say I loved it, but turns out there was a sleigh in the way. And here I thought she was trying something new.

Lots of visitors to see the blocks at the BOM table. First exchange for the Round Robin. Ooo, so excited to see what I received.

Program had lots of sign-up sheets for workshops in the New Year. Show & Tell always blows my mind. Mad Moody Fabrics was our Shop of the Month and said they had a great time. And Shelley Moore showed us some beautiful quilts during her Trunkshow.

So much eye candy. Looking forward to the QT in early December. Another fun night at the Guild. ~ Cathy.

Carol Darou - A Christmas Quilt

Kathy Smallwood - Magical 8 Table Topper

Norma Willows - Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Rosalie & Rachaune - Twister

Rosalie & Rachaune - A Sentimental Quilt

May Walton

Kim Sherry - Rainbow Challenge Quilt

Faye Hepworth-Magical Harky-D Pigs

Mary Cunningham - Autumn's Aria

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Dec 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wonderful quilts in show and tell. Carol, your Christmas quilt is a winner! Of course!

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