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Quilts on the Tay – Rescheduled to 2021

Dear Guild members,

Some necessary decisions in this special time! Hope you are well as you read this announcement.

Your Management Team (Executive Officers/Coordinators) together with the QOTT Committee have approved to reschedule the 2020 “Quilts on the Tay” show to 2021.

The decision to move the Quilt Show-

  1. Protects LCQG members and our communities, should the emergency measure “social distancing” and other gathering decrees still apply.

  2. Protects LCQG finance as currently only a minimal amount has been spent on printing for posters and bookmarks. These could be reused with “new date” sticker.

  3. Should there be a 2nd wave of Covid-19, we risk a last minute cancellation of Smith Falls public spaces, including our venue, resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars. 

  4. Attendance may be lower due to illness or finances, including those of our Vendors.

  5. Guild finances are sound, and an idea has come forward to hold a Christmas Sale to generate extra revenue. Your consignment items slated for the QOTT Boutique will have a new outlet.

This is a New Normal with our Quilt Show, again in a third year!

A new President (Linda) and Past President (Nijole) will Co-Chair with much gratitude to Marilyn Robinson for her hard work and enthusiasm on the 2018 and 2020 Quilt Show. We all shall do her proud!

Stay safe and let’s keep in touch,

Nijole Deskin, President

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