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Sun, Sea & Sand CQA Member Guild Challenge

With Quilt Canada 2023 taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the challenge set for Guilds that are members of CQA makes total sense.

The challenge is simple.

  • Choose fabric colours (plain or patterned) that include Yellow, Blue, and Sand (i.e. taupe, beige or even coral) on the front of the quilt.

  • Make the quilt perimeter no larger than 72 inches, that's 18" square or any shape you choose.

  • It must be finished, bound, or faced, and includes a 3" hanging sleeve, as the winner's quilt will be sent out rather quickly. And don't forget a label!

Your deadline? Our April 25 general meeting. LCQG members will then choose by Viewers Choice one quilt to send to Halifax.

You can find a PDF with this information on the CQA website

Questions? Contact Cathy Price.

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