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The 2021 Guild Challenge Has Launched

A Quilt for All Seasons

The challenge for this year is to make one block. It can be whatever you want, for example, pieced, applique, foundation pieced, or English paper pieced. You will make the block you choose 4 times,

BUT each one will represent one season, FALL, WINTER, SPRING, and SUMMER.

Change the fabrics to suit the season. You can also, if you want, embellish with buttons, markers, beads, thread, yarn, applique, whatever you want to represent that season.

Fall might be Thanksgiving, or Halloween, or even the Fall Fair. Winter, maybe Christmas, New Year’s Eve, maybe just snow and ice, maybe ice skating, ice fishing. Spring might be Easter, eggs, bunnies, flowers, gardening. And Summer, maybe vacation, beach, gardening, lots of possibilities.

Let your imagination go crazy.

You can sew these blocks together, then quilt. Or you can do each one separately, like 4 placemats. Or together end to end, for a table runner. Or maybe in a square for a wall hanging. Your choice.

We’re not going to limit your size this time, except our suggestion would be a block about 8”, 10”, or 12”. That seems plenty big enough, in our opinion. But if you were making placemats, that won’t work for you.

May General Meeting 2022 will be the due date for this Challenge, unless a change is needed.

As always, just have fun!

Cathy Price and use Subject Line : Challenge2021-22 if any questions


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