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2014 Guild Challenge

The Guild Challenge for 2013-14 is a very special challenge and presentations will be held in April and NOT May.  The town of Perth is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement.  These celebrations will be held in conjunction with some of the other Lanark County communities e.g. Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley.

The Challenge is not affiliated in any way with these celebrations, however the challenge is for us to “Celebrate the 200th Anniversary, My Way”.  We would like to see creativity…anything goes.  It does not have to be a traditional quilt, nor use reproduction fabrics.  Your quilt will reflect something that inspires you about the area, or history or your personal connection to the area.  Think inside, outside and all around the box on this one.  We would like everyone to get excited and involved.

Rules: 1.   Must be a quilt (3 layers) and cannot be a jacket or other object other than a quilt. 2.   Can be any shape or size, but does not exceed 100×100 inches 3.   Any method or type of fabric is accepted; eg. crazy quilt, applique, pieced. 4.   Absolutely MUST include a label (not pinned) and hanging sleeve if larger than 200″ perimeter. 5.   May be hand or machine quilted.  If quilted by a second party, must include their name on label as the quilter. 6.   Must be started no earlier than Jan. 2013.

Hope that you are all looking forward to this challenge.

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