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30th Anniversary March News

The 30th Committee met on February 22nd to follow up on our 30th celebratory plans and to review any changes to the Covid-19 guidelines. No change, so we continue as planned!

During our meeting Jane, Pam and I came to realize that the 30th celebration is not about the events but is on-going. Every Guild meeting, every Sew day and every contact among members celebrates our Guild. Nothing stops the energy, the joy of being in a quilting community, not even it seems a pandemic!

History of Lanark County Quilters Guild

Please contact Nijole, phone or email, if you wish to order a copy. “A Ride amid Lanark’s Quilting World”/ $35.00. Remember you can also enjoy 1 of 2 copies in the LCQG Library.

Social Activity

As in the past, the 30thCommittee will partner with Moira Bell, LCQG librarian, at the next Library Day to offer you a treat and a warm/cold beverage to enjoy while socializing outdoors. The date is to be selected and announced by Moira. ~ Message from Pam Radford

Celebrating with ANOTHER Quilting Activity

This next quilting activity is a surprise!  We are trying to make this event as easy as possible for ALL members to contribute to and to participate in. My thanks to those members who have shared their thoughts and ideas with us during the planning phase. Full details will be going out to all members in an email before the end of March and will be posted on the Website. ~ Message from Jane Burke

Stay well, stay safe,

Nijole Deskin, On behalf of the 30thCommittee, Jane Burke and Pam Radford

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