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April 2016 – Upcoming Meeting

Volunteers are needed for the Fall Sale & Luncheon, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016.  Please think about volunteering, it really does enrich your life.  We also need lots of items donated for sale to raise money for our guild.  For every item you bring in, your name goes into a draw.  That will give you incentive.  One more month before your Alphabet Challenge will be due.  Cathy will be taking a “close your eyes and put up your hand” count to see how many Challenge pieces there will be, and to know how many racks we will need from Storage to hang them.  We will have Kathy K. Wylie for a Trunk Show and a Workshop.  I hope you signed up, it is great to take workshops.  You can learn so much more with a teacher right there.  Don’t forget to visit the Library and Block of the Month.  We have Mary Pal back in May 2016 for a Workshop only, we had her in September 2015 for a Trunk Show and her Workshop is full.  We are still seeking volunteers to make quilts for the refugee families.  Please let Marilyn know of your interest. C.

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