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April Show & Tell

Hope Bell Modern Quilting

Beth Cozens Cardinals

Anna Cornel: Spirit and Fishes

Anna’s Quilting: 47 hours

Carol Darou: a gift for her sister Heather

Madeleine Row of the Month

Madeleine Hollingsworth Row of the month

Madeleine H Puss and Bonnets

Madeleine Hollingsworth Puss and Bonnets quilted by Carol Darou

Madeleine Hollingsworth Mommy and me

Madeleine Hollingsworth Mommy and Me

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Elaine Hook: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Elaine Hook Detailed quilting

Elaine Hook: Quilting Detail

My Recycle Project Elaine hook

Elaine Hook: My Recycle Project for my great niece

Norma Willows a gift for her son and dil

Norma Willows: Gift for my son and dil

Norma Willows: Back of wedding Stag and Invite