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CQA “Gateway to Adventure” Update


Because of the COVID-19 isolation, and even though Quilt Canada is cancelled, the Canadian Quilters’ Association (CQA) will be doing a VIRTUAL TOUR of the winners of the “Gateway to Adventure” Member Guild Challenge 2020.

So this is what we are doing.

I need to know who wants to enter. I need a picture of your Entry, plus the Quilt Name, measurement in inches, Techniques Used, and an Artist Statement (50 words or less), and Design Inspiration (credits, if not yours).  The rest I will get from you if you are the winner.

Pictures need to come to me by June 1st.  If you want me to come to you, I can take the pictures with my camera, that is fine, as long as you don’t live far. If you want to bring it to me for a photo, that’s fine too.  We will just make sure the whole quilt is in the picture.  You can find the guidelines for this Challenge, here.

There is still 2 weeks left to complete you entry.

I will then send photos to the Membership, and you can vote for Viewer’s Choice.

Deadline to vote is Wednesday, June 10th, so that I can get the Winner’s Name in the June Newsletter by June 12th. You can email, phone, or text me your vote, and I’ll keep track, one vote per member.

I’m looking forward to finally seeing all the entries. Email or call if you have any questions. ~Cathy Price

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