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CQA TrendTex Challenge Update


It was a shame that we could not hold our annual conference, Quilt Canada, in Edmonton this year.  We were unable to hold workshops, introduce some fabulous key-note speakers, tempt you with goodies from a large market mall, display the challenges put out to guilds, individuals and youth, and most disappointing is that we could not put on a National Juried Show and several concurrent shows.  With the introduction of a new website we have been able to assemble a virtual gallery of the concurrent shows and challenges and they will be displayed starting on October 1, 2020. 

The first challenge to be displayed will be the TrendTex Challenge.  Here you will be able to see the three top winners and Judges’ Choices plus vote for your favourite.  The Viewer’s Choice award winner will be announced in our November e-newsletter.  So check out the virtual gallery starting October 1 running for two weeks at  

It is customary for us to auction the TrendTex entries with proceeds going to the Canadian Quilters Association.  This year, more than ever, without having a Conference, we are relying on these funds for the operation of this organization.  You will have an opportunity to help us as well as own one or several  of the 76 entries through this online auction.  Bidding will start October 19 at 7:00am EDT and all bids will close October 25 at 5:00pm EDT.  Feel free to preview the fabulous entries now. 

To check out CQA’s online auction, go to the website, click on Featured Auctions and in the Search box type CQA or click on this LINK to take you directly to our online auction site.

If you wish to make a reserve bid, please contact me at  

Irene Lafleche CQA/ACC Director at Large 

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