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February 2016 – Upcoming Meeting

Our meeting this month is during the day and when you come in you will be able to check out the Tuffets being finished in the second half of a Workshop that started Feb. 2nd.  Lots of homework was needed to be done.  The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum will be presenting a Trunk Show this month with a show of heritage quilts.  We will be able to check out the Charity Quilt.  It was completed at an In-town Retreat mid February.  The table for this year’s Challenge ‘The Alphabet Challenge’ will be back and Cathy will be manning the table to answer any questions.  The Spring Retreat will be held at McIntosh Inn at Morrisburg on April 13-15th, 2016.  Don’t forget to check out the Library and Block of the Month tables. Program has lots of Workshops for you to sign up for.  Find something that interests you and come support Program.  Workshops are great ways for learning new things, brushing up on old things, and getting to know other members of the Guild.  We have Debbie Cote with Origami Stars at the Lion’s Hall, Tues. Mar.22nd, 10 – 3:30.  We have her husband, Al Cote doing Curved Piecing with Applique Overlay at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Wed. Mar. 23rd, 10 -3:30.  On Wed. April 27th, Kathy Wylie is at St. Andrew’s teaching Appliqued Table Runner, 10 – 3:30.  C.

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