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Guild Challenge 2015 – 2016


This year’s Challenge is an ALPHABET CHALLENGE.  You get to use your initials to make decisions for a quilted piece no bigger than 30″ X 30″ that will be due in May 2016.  You take the first initial of your first name, middle name, and last name and choose items from 3 Categories: Colour Name, Quilt Block and/or Technique, Quilting Motif.  Cathy says she will offer lots of inspiration.  In October, she will have a table set up that will be a feast for your eyes all about Colour.  In November, the table will be set up with examples of Quilt Block names and Techniques.  If you know what you want to do, great!  If you don’t, you have lots of time to let Cathy tantalize you with lots of visual clues to help you make the ultimate decision on your quilted piece.  This should be a fun Challenge!

Viewer’s Choice went to: 1st Carole Armstrong, 2nd Alexis Mongeau, 3rd Barbara Sangster.  Winners received a ribbon and a homemade label for their piece made by Cathy.  C.

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