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Guild Challenge 2016 – 2017

This is a President’s Challenge just in time to celebrate Canada’s 105th Celebration. All entries will be hung at our Quilts on the Tay show in August 2017.  Viewer’s Choice will become part of the Inter-guild Traveling Display for 2017. The quilt will be no larger than 90″ X 102″, at least half of the quilt should be Red & White, must try to incorporate the Maple Leaf somewhere in your quilt (even if only on the label), and will have the Theme “Our Community – Our Country”.  Lots of examples and suggestions are in the Sept. 2016 Newsletter.  This Challenge is due at our January 2017 meeting. UPDATE:  The winner of the Viewer’s Choice for the President’s Challenge is Alexis Mongeau.  Her winning is currently gone to join all the other winning quilts, getting ready to tour all the quilt shows this year.  We hope to have them at one of our Fall General Meetings as we are not having a Quilt Show this year, due to renovations at our venue.  Our Quilts on the Tay has been moved to July 2018. All pictures of the entries for the President’s Challenge can be viewed on our Facebook page.  The Winning quilt is here. 


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