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Ideas to Stay Organised

Storing Rulers To keep track of smaller templates and rulers use a large D-ring binder and zippered see-through pockets.  Some templates and rulers come with directions and patterns and those go in the pockets as well.

Selvages Store selvages, 2 1/2″ strips and 2″ squares in large jars.  When the jar is full you can make pincushions or something scrappy.

Fabric Storage

  1. Keep extra fabric in inexpensive vintage suitcases and store under a bed or stack for a decorative look.

  2. Also store projects in old cosmetic travel cases, found in a thrift shop.

  3. Put the supplies needed for the project in a travel tray and the fabric underneath.

  4. Store 3/4 to 1 meter remnants in a clear hanging shoe rack that hangs on the back of a door.  You can fit several rolled remnants in each compartment.

Sewing Notions Use a flatware divider to stash often-used items next to your sewing machine.  That way they are always at hand and won’t roll of your sewing table.

Sewing Machine Needle Organizer Plastic binder sheets with little pockets (get them at the $ Store) are great for organizing your sewing machine needles.  Use a small piece of felt to store them on and write the number on the front of each pocket with a marker.  Thanks to Fons & Porter tips.

Quilter’s Buddy “Post It” notes are a quilter’s best friend.  Keep a pad on hand to mark projects in magazines, keep track of how many pieces are in a zip lock bag and mark that all important 1/4″ on your machine bed.  Leave notes attached to your machine for settings and tensions and of course make of list of things to pick up on the next fabric shopping trip.

Storage Boxes Scrapbooking stores, hobby shops and Dollar Stores carry different sizes of plastic storage containers that work well for storing quilt projects and blocks.  You can easily see through them to find what you’re looking for.

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