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January 2018 – Upcoming Meeting


Our January meeting, we are having a Stash Sale.  What a great way to share your fabric with other members, and make way for more for yourself.  In January, there will be a workshop with Cathy Price called “Log Cabin Pillow with Button Closure”.  Hope to see you there and maybe there will be some finished pillows at the meeting as the workshop is January 20th, and the meeting is January 23rd.  There will be sign up sheets for the workshop with Bridget O’Flaherty “Landscape Thread Painting by Numbers”, and for Libs Elliot, who will be here in March.  In the winter months, our meetings are at 1pm, instead of in the evening.  Don’t forget to check out the Block of the Month and the Library.  Our QOTT Quilt Show will be held in July this year on the 13th, 14th, and 15th, at the Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre.  We will need lots of volunteers, lots of quilts, and lots of items made for sale at our Boutique.  Not a lot of time to prepare, but I know we are up for it. C.

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