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June 2022 Show & Tell

It's our final Show & Tell of the year!

Mary Cunningham: I have called this quilt, "The Highs and Lows of 2021". It's a temperature quilt. There are 365 blocks,each representing the temperature for one day of the year. The background of the block represents the high temperature and the 'orange peel' is the low. The key on one side of the quilt defines the temperature range for each colour that I used. The blocks were placed on the diagonal with January 1st on the upper left and December 31st on the lower right. I quilted it on my domestic machine using a walking foot.

Mary Cunningham: Here is a closeup of part of the 'key' showing the colour used for each temperature range.

Linda Lake: I had fun making another Blue Calla bag with materials I had never used before.

Valerie Langille: Elsie the elephant. Paper pieced

Valerie Langille: Cardinals and log cabins

Leslie Robinson: As I worked on this block, what came to mind was Cathy’s beautiful smile changing to a diabolical smile as she thought about the 8th block she had designed for the “Block of the Month”. Foundation paper piecing is truly a brain exercise for me.

Debbie Turner: From the Phyllis Cullins class, her pattern.

Glenna Churchill: This was a workshop by Sherida Giddings that I took recently. The design by Judy Niemeyer on foundation paper piecing. Quilting design yet to be determined.

Beth Cozens: Two quilts to show. I made the quilts for my granddaughters, Abby and Charlotte, who live in Oklahoma. They chose the patterns and fabrics. The quilting was done by Carol Darou, who did a wonderful job. The girls received the quilts in the mail last week, and were absolutely thrilled. Abby’s quilt pattern is Color Works, and Charlotte’s is Petunia Trellis.

Janice Ward-Shipton: Completed BOM Blocks

Marlene Starkman/Dee O'Connor: Starting its life as a Chuppa for our neice's wedding; eventually it will be made into a king size bed quilt for the couple.

Dee O'Connor: This piece is currently in process. It was started in a 4 week design class with Irene Roderick in which each student works independently during the week then comes back to the group every Monday, via zoom to share there work in process, critique each other’s work and have a design focused lecture from Irene. It currently measures 93” X x 93”

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Unknown member
Aug 06, 2022

Some of the quilts in show and tell are wonderful. Will you be posting on our Facebook page so that we can add our comments individually?

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