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LCQG 30th Anniversary Celebration

2020 is the Guild’s 30th anniversary and we are planning a celebration!

The launch will be in October, now that our September AGM and 1st ZOOM meeting is behind us.

All Ideas Welcome!

A small planning Committee has been formed to seek out event suggestions from ALL members. Safety, tradition and fun are three (3) priorities.

Please reach out to each other and forward your ideas to the Committee members:

  1. Pam Radford (Social event)

  2. Jane Burke (Quilting event)

  3. Nijole Deskin (Coordinator/Management Team Representative)

  4. Linda Lake (President/member all Committees)

Marilyn Robinson and Mary Young will represent different eras of the Guild and have accepted to act as consultants.

30TH Anniversary Keepsake

A special component of the 30thAnniversary launch is a 30 year history of the Guild. An amazing book A Drive Amid Lanark’s Quilting World has been compiled by Muriel Hopper. Thank you Muriel!

The book is set at a price of $30.00 to cover printing. At the October 6th Library Day a sample will be available and pre-orders taken by a Committee member. All future orders will be coordinated, payment/delivery, by the 30th Committee.

For now email, contact Nijole with any questions and/or book orders.

The book will be promoted on the LCQG Website and Facebook. More information will follow on other sites and venues for promotion, COVID-19 permitting.

Thank you to all members, past and current, who have guided our Guild over three decades! ~ Nijole.

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