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Library Days a Success, November Exchange Planned

Waiting our Turn

Our outdoor library day events held in August and October were a big success! 

We had good weather on both days (although a bit windy for the October one, as shown by the windswept hairstyles in the photos!). The Library is being well used by Guild members with a total of over 200 books and tools either signed out or returned at the 2 events.

Members also renewed their memberships; signed up for the November workshop; purchased the 30th Anniversary book; picked up items from the Free table and get caught up with fellow Guild members; all while wearing masks and following COVID protocol. 

Since the library day events were so well attended we’re pleased to announce our 3rd Library Day event will be held on Wed November 25th at the Perth Lions Hall; 2 – 3:30 pm. We’ll be just inside the doors of the Lion’s Hall (too cold to hold outside!). Masks will be required and a maximum of 10 people will be allowed inside the Hall doors at one time.

Book your calendar and watch here and our Facebook page for more details in the next few weeks. ~ Moira

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