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No Guild Runs Alone

It takes a team to run any volunteer organization.

Lanark County Quilters Guild celebrates 30 years with much gratitude to the founding members who had the foresight to give the Guild a structure, a Constitution with Bylaws. Other members followed, who believed in the value of the Guild, and gave their time to manage the Guild’s activities.  Each member contributes to the Guild but someone has to run it. 

Every large plane needs a co-pilot! Our Guild needs a Vice-President! Publicity and Program positions also need to be filled.

The Covid-19 pandemic can be a reason to make some changes this year, allow some positions to be extended beyond their term. However, Covid-19 is not enough of an excuse to not respect the Bylaws.

I ask you to consider putting your name forward as a candidate for Vice-President. You will have 5 months plus a year to “shadow” an excellent mentor, President Linda Lake. You can enjoy the opportunity to learn at your own pace. 

Reach out to me, or to any member of the Executive to have a conversation, get an insight into what is involved. You’re only the co-pilot at first, enjoy the ride and take over when you are ready.

Nijole Deskin (Vice-President, President, now Past President and still alive and well)

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