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October 2014 Workshops

Another three-part workshop series by Pat Lemaire is being offered:   “Quilting with Your Domestic Machine.”  This class is an absolute must for members wanting to quilt their own quilts without having to send them out.  You may sign up now to secure your spot.  There will also be an advanced course offered for people who have taken Pat’s first set of classes.  These classes will only proceed if enough people sign up.  The dates are as follows:

Beginner Classes:  Parts 1,2 &3  Mondays, October 6 & 20 and November 3rd from 9-3pm

Advanced Classes:  Tuesdays, October 7 & 21 and November 4th from 9-3pm

Wednesday, October 29 Red Pepper Jelly with Irene Dewar *Perfect for Beginner or Intermediate Quilters.  Glad Tidings Pentacostal Church Hall from 9:00 am – 3pm. There will be a sign up sheet at the September meeting.

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