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October Show & Tell

A sampling of member’s works this month.

Marlene Spruyt: Never the Same Quilt Twice from the Melissa Marginet workshop

Next up are first blocks of our 2021-22 BOM program. It’s always intriguing to see how the blocks look with different fabrics.

Donna Farrow: Our first block of the month. Looking forward to the next one!

Mary Cunningham

Jean Sherwin

Lois MacLean

Lois MacLean

Muriel Hopper: I had friends dropping by and wished to give them a gift. Thinking quickly, having observed a similar pillow both at Glenna’s and Faye’s, voila, I knew what their gift would be. It only took an afternoon to put together and it was fun! Enjoy!

Cathy Price: Phew, I finished the top from Janet Barker’s Hex Trade workshop. I did one less round than the pattern, so, 19 blocks. Very cool method. I enjoyed the workshop. Mine will end up roughly 40″ X 48″.

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