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Salvage Scraps

We all have them but whether they’re bits of thread, fabric or batting, they don’t need to be wasted. Here are some ideas on how you can make good use of them.

If you’re not into saving and using small scraps of fabric in another project maybe this Pinterest collection will change your mind.

You can collect thread and little snips of fabric to use in making greeting cards or pictures.  There are several bonding agents on the market that can help you attach your work to another surface (Bonash Bonding Powder) or you can “capture your work” under a sheer toile or water soluble fabric and stitch over it.  Reduce your carbon footprint and create a one-of-a-kind piece of fibre art.

For other ideas on recycling bits of thread and fabric check out:

Don’t throw out those pieces of batting left over from other projects.  Small pieces can be used to make coasters or mug rugs. You can also  use them to help get the dusting done. Dusters can be made by cutting to fit your Swiffer or broom.  It works great for picking up loose thread or dust bunnies.  Another tip (from Fons & Porter magazine) is to cut a long narrow strip, fold it lengthwise and sew a seam.  Then slip the tube over a yardstick and secure the end with a rubber band.  Works great for dusting narrow places such as under the refrigerator or behind furniture.

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