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UPDATE: 2019 Quilt Time – What Time?

Quilt Time 2018, Lanark County Quilters Guild

Quilt Time 2018, Lanark County Quilters Guild

Due to location issues, our 2019 Quilt Time has been rescheduled to Wednesday, Dec 11. Please read the LATEST post. 


We voted, and the results are in! Our 2019 Quilt Time will be held on a Saturday for 2019.

Stay tuned for more details.

Traditionally, Quilt Time (QT), our seasonal get-together, is held on a week day, with a delicious lunch served.

But it has been suggested that for 2019 our social QT be held on a Saturday so members that cannot attend during the week could participate. This could be at the end of November or very early in December.

What do you think? Please give us your opinion. Email our VP Linda or post a comment below, and we will hold a vote at the March meeting to make the final decision. The guild needs your input.

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