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Vote for the 30th Anniversary Winner!

While weather forced us to cancel our in-person voting for the 30th Anniversary challenge voting, don’t go away!

We want your vote.

Entries are below, numbered 1 through 9. Photos and artists statements are included. Pick your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice and email your vote to Jane at

Voting closes Sept 1

The 30th Anniversary Committee would like to thank and compliment the members who contributed to our 30th Anniversary Challenge. The thoughtfulness and creativity in these quilts is outstanding. Well done ladies. Looking forward to lots of votes.


30 Maids All in a Row

I saw something similar to this on “Pinterest” done in embroidery.

I’ve been dabbling in wool lately and had some strips which gave me the idea to ruche them to make 30 flowers.

The techniques I used were:

  1. wool pieces with hand stitching

  2. hand ruching

  3. machine couching

  4. Machine quilting

30 Maids All in a Row


30 Bouquets for 30 Years

This is a pattern by Tracy Roberts from “Primitive Quilts & Projects” – Spring 2020

The fabric is mostly “Farmers Daughter”.

There are 30 hand embroidered bouquets in each of the 4 inner borders as well as hand embroidered bouquets in each of the hexagon Dresden Plates.

I quilted it on my home machine.

I loved this pattern but thought it would be a multi-year project just to complete the embroidery – Covid changes that!

Happy 30th LCQG

30 Bouquets for 30 Years


Cut Me a Slice

My inspiration was an Anniversary/Birthday cake…a BIG cake.

Then I thought of our Guild Car quilt. Why not put the car on top of the cake? What fabrics? My “William Morris” fabrics staring at me, unused.

The cake is machine pieced and quilted.

The car quilt is hand painted with “Derwent Inktense” pencils.

Then the quilt was embellished with lace, beads and buttons…and of course the beads had to be Pearls.

Cut Me a Slice


It Takes a Village

My inspiration was a happy accident. During the early days of Covid, I watched a tutorial by Jenny Doan from “Missouri Star Quilts” on You Tube.

She demonstrated how to make tiny houses from scraps and shared the cutting and assembly directions. So I immediately started making houses and had 20 already completed before the Guild announced the Challenge. I made 10 more houses and thought how lucky I was to be so far ahead of the game…NOT.

My first attempt at a whimsical appliquéd border took over a week to create and went in the garbage. I subsequently took the “less is more” approach.

The techniques:

  1. 30 machine pieced houses in the village

  2. paper pieced trees

  3. hand appliquéd hearts

  4. hand appliquéd flowers, vines and leaves in the border

  5. machine quilted

It Takes a Village


Lanark County Nature Adventures

This project was inspired by Paul Keddy’s map – “Gems to Protect”

Techniques used were cut and paste, sewing and some quilting.

The quilt depicts:

  1. 30 “Lanark County Trails” indicated by the numbers on the map

  2. 30 “Lanark County Green Gems” indicated by the hand sewn green beads

  3. 30 Lanark County Birds.

I hope you enjoy my adaptation of “Sharing Lanark’s Elegance” for the 30th Anniversary of LCQG

Lanark County Nature Adventures


Big Bertha

Lately, life has been revolving around our chickens and ducks rather than my quilting. So I decided they would be the theme behind my project.

I have always wanted to do a “log cabin” chicken and this one is Bertha, the first “girl” on our farm.

Bertha is the boss. I have given her 30 feathers, some felt ones, some made from fabric and some of nature’s own collected from the chickens and ducks running around my garden.

This project celebrates our retirement and move to our new home two years ago.

So happy to have found LCQG !!!

Big Bertha


Jacobean Summer Romance

I wanted to create a wall quilt for my bedroom and I love the colour purple.

I have had the Jacobean embroidery designs for many years and was really happy to be able to utilize them to create this quilt. This is the first quilt that I have designed with the blocks set “on point” – I sewed them together wrong many times!

This is also the first quilt completed on my new long arm.

The techniques I used were machine embroidery, machine piecing and long arm quilting. I hand stitched 30 pearls throughout the embroidery designs.

The border contains 30 degree blocks and I used 30 degree triangles in the machine quilting.

Jacobean Summer Romance


Project Book

I wanted to make something practical that I could use for the next 30 years.

I saw the pattern at the “Pickle Dish” in Carleton Place and knew I would use it.

I gathered 30 floral prints from my stash. It will be perfect for shop hops.

I used plain straight machine stitching with some hand stitching to put it all together.

Project Book

Project Book


30 Carrot Diamond Anniversary Quilt

Soooo? What quilter has never gone by the remnant bin and brought home a piece of fabric and then realized they will never use it?

But voila! The quilt challenge comes along and the modern 30th Anniversary gift is “diamond”. I have this piece of material I thought I would never use with multi-coloured diamonds…it was the perfect fit.

Match them with 30 paper-pieced karats/carrots (as Winnie the Pooh once said “Speling isn’t evrythin”) and you have “30 Carrot Diamond Anniversary Quilt” .

I machine quilted this on my Simply Sixteen Handi-Quilter.

This quilt will also double as an Easter Quilt if displayed with a couple of stuffed bunnies!!

30 Carrot Diamond Anniversary Quilt

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