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We Need You! The LCQG Can’t Operate Alone.

Enjoy attending our guild meetings but want to get to know more people? Have you been thinking that you need to do more than just sew? Are you ready to take on a new activity? Learn new skills?

The Lanark County Quilt Guild needs you!

We need 3 volunteers to join the board in September — Vice-President, Publicity and Outreach — important positions in making sure the guild operates smoothly for our 150 plus members.

  1. Vice-President: Yes this is President in training! As VP you’ll work closely with the President to learn all the ins and outs of how the LCQG operates, you’ll be a financial signing officer, organize the annual Q.T. and coordinate the Christmas Sale committee.

  2. Publicity: If you have an artistic flair and like to create signs and artwork on your computer then this opening is for you. As publicity volunteer you’ll create flyers and arrange distribution to promote our guild workshops, events and guest speakers. You also work with local newspapers to arrange publication of notices to reach a broad audience.

  3. Outreach: What could be better than shopping for fabric and paying with someone else’s money? As the Outreach volunteer you have the fun of choosing a quilt pattern, shopping for fabric and then organizing how the quilt will be sewn – either kits or a work party. A little bit of shopping, a little bit of sewing – with lots of volunteers to help! Plus as Outreach volunteer you’ll have a direct say in which community group receives the donated quilt, which they use as a fundraiser to support their organization.

If you have any questions about these positions or would like more information, please contact Carol Darou.

Our guild cannot run without volunteers. 

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