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WWII Quilts by the Women of the Canadian Red Cross

Guild Members Family History Quilts on Display

Our February meeting program is taken with the theme of History Month. Come join us to hear a quilt historian Joanna Dermenjian as well as a show & tell from guild members of their own family history quilts.

Joanna is a Master’s student in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, researching women’s practice of stitching for leisure.  She is currently researching quilts that Canadian women made during WWII that were shipped by the Canadian Red Cross to the British Red Cross to be distributed primarily to civilians who were affected by the bombing, either left homeless or in bomb shelters.  Hundreds of thousands of quilts were made by Canadian women and little is known about them in Canada, though in England they are more known and even exhibited and collected.  She will show her recently acquired Red Cross quilt that was made in Kitchener, Ontario during WWII.

Don’t forget our February meeting starts at 1p.m.

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